Announcing Record-Store, a new (experimental) place for your data

TL;DR: I’m really happy to announce my latest open-source project called Record-Store 🚀 Please check it out on


Record-Store is a layer running on top of FoundationDB. It provides abstractions to create, load and deletes customer-defined data called records, which are hold into a RecordSpace. We would like to have this kind of flow for developers:

  1. Opening RecordSpace, for example prod/users
  2. Create a protobuf definition which will be used as schema
  3. Upsert schema
  4. Push records
  5. Query records
  6. delete records

You need another KeySpace to store another type of data, or maybe a KeySpace dedicated to production env? Juste create it and you are good to go!


It is currently an experiment, but it already has some strong features:

  • Multi-tenant A tenant can create as many RecordSpace as we want, and we can have many tenants.

  • Standard API We are exposing the record-store with standard technologies:

  • Scalable We are based on the same tech behind CloudKit called the Record Layer,

  • Transactional We are running on top of FoundationDB. FoundationDB gives you the power of ACID transactions in a distributed database.

  • Encrypted Data are encrypted by default.

  • Multi-model For each RecordSpace, you can define a schema, which is in-fact only a Protobuf definition. You need to store some users, or a more complicated structure? If you can represent it as Protobuf, you are good to go!

  • Index-defined queries Your queries’s capabilities are defined by the indexes you put on your schema.

  • Secured We are using Biscuit, a mix of JWT and Macaroons to ensure auth{entication, orization}.


Lately, I have been playing a lot with my ETCD-Layer that is using the Record-Layer. Thanks to it, I was able to bootstrap my ETCD-layer very quickly, but I was not using a tenth of the capacities of this library. So I decided to go deeper. What would a gRPC abstraction of the Record-Layer look like?

The name of this project itself is a tribute to the Record Layer as we are exposing the layer within a gRPC interface.

Try it out

Record-Store is open sourced under Apache License V2 in and the documentation can be found

Thank you for reading my post! Feel free to react to this article, I am also available on Twitter if needed.