Rediscover the known data universe with NASA dataset


For many years humanity has been exploring the skies, dreaming of interstellar voyages and new planetary colonies. And you, do you want to go 3h with us to discover the universe?

It turns out that NASA has a great public dataset, especially one that is used to search for exoplanets, that is, planets outside our solar system.

During this Hands-on, we will guide you through the different stages of rediscovering exoplanets using Warp10, an open-source time series processing platform.


  • BreizhCamp, 2018
  • Devoxx France, 2018
  • RivieraDev, 2018
  • DevFest Lille, 2018
  • Sunny Tech, 2018
  • Jug Summer Camp, 2018
  • DevFest Nantes, 2018
  •, 2018


The hands-on can be done online, and the slides are available here.

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