Introducing Kafka-on-Pulsar: Bring native Kafka protocol support to Apache Pulsar



Kafka-on-Pulsar has been one of the most anticipated features in the Pulsar ecosystem. The Kafka-on-Pulsar project was initiated by StreamNative and the OVHCloud team quickly joined the project to collaborate on its development. Kafka-on-Pulsar enables Kafka applications to leverage Pulsar’s powerful features, such as streamlined operations with enterprise-grade multi-tenancy, without modifying code.

In this webinar, Sijie Guo, from StreamNative, and Pierre Zemb, from OVHCloud, will introduce KoP and discuss the following:

  1. What are the key benefits?

  2. What is the protocol handler and how does it work?

  3. How KoP is implemented?

  4. What are the new use cases it unlocks?

  5. Watch a Live Demo!




The slides are also available here


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